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Welcome to BEA (Black Employees Alliance & Coalition Against Anti-Blackness) We invite you to learn about the Black Employees Alliance and Coalition Against Anti-Blackness. View our past and current demonstrations resisting racism at the City and County of San Francisco. Connect with other Black employees and allies. Share your experiences, view job opportunities, and file racial discrimination and harassment complaints.

Read below to learn about our story and how we may be of service to you.

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Our Story

The Black Employees Alliance and Coalition Against Anti-Blackness formed with the intent to provide professional development, coaching, education, and conflict management support to Black employees.  The group consists of Black employees who are represented across almost all of the member labor unions.  The group membership also consists of employees represented across more than 30 City Departments, and has a steady membership of more than 400 people, including a faction of White and non-Black employees who make-up part of the Coalition Against Anti-Blackness


While the group has represented employees in individual cases where Human Resources and departmental City leadership continues to fail Black employees, we have also supported both organizational and institutional changes in the providing the framework which led to the Mayor's 2018 Directive for a Fair and Inclusive Workplace, and the City's Racial Equity Ordinance.


Our main goal is addressing and responding to the ways the City and County of San Francisco perpetually inflicts anti-Black harm on its Black Employees.  Attached is a document containing a series of news articles concerning the BEA.


For more information and to connect with the Black Employees Alliance. Click the button. 

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